Terms and Conditions

I understand and accept that:-

Notwithstanding your statutory rights, Tritons Swim School CIC (TSS) tuition fees are non-refundable if the student withdraws from the lesson or has booked a class they are not suitable for (i.e. the student should be in a different stage class). TSS strongly advises customers that are not sure of which class is suitable, to view a lesson and/or undergo an assessment before booking (this is particularly relevant if the prospective student has  specific learning needs). Important: any customer who has booked  an unsuitable class for a student’s ability will be offered an alternative class

  1. TSS will provide suitably qualified instructors, retain a suitable Public Liability Insurance, arrange for DBS checks on all staff with substantial access to children and or vulnerable adults.
  2. TSS instructors and assistants will sometimes work in the water with students and will  regularly have cause to provide the student with physical support and aid correct stroke technique using manual physical manipulation/guidance.
  3. There will be a handover period, not usually exceeding five minutes, when one group leave the pool and the next is welcomed and that this period is included in advertised TSS endeavours to provide the same instructor for the course of lessons, but reserves the right to provide replacement instructor(s) when necessary.
    TSS reserves the right to cancel or amend schedules in exceptional circumstances.
    TSS/WTSC staff, students, customers and members agree to abide by the rules of Swim England when delivering programmes on behalf of Swim England registered club, with particular reference to its Recommended Codes of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Equity Policy and Wavepower (Safeguarding) Policies
    The Community Pool CIC and Tritons Swim School CIC do not take responsibility for any belongings left or lost in our premises.

Customer Responsibilities

1. Students should be changed and on the poolside five minutes before the lesson is due to start.

2. Students (both girls and boys) are required to wear a swimming hat. A hat is provided, free of charge, at the beginning of term, replacements must be purchased if this hat is lost or damaged.

3. All spectators on poolside must remove outdoor shoes. Anyone who is intending to stay to watch should bring along a pair of indoor shoes if they object to having bare feet.

4. No talcum powder must be used in the changing rooms.

5. Necklaces and bracelets should be removed prior to swimming or taped securely. Small stud earrings can be left in but larger earrings and especially those with hoops must be removed. If any injury results from a child wearing jewellery contrary to this policy is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

6. Swim nappies should be worn by any child who is not reliably toilet trained.

7. Tritons Swim School instructors can only be responsible for students during their swimming lessons and parents and/ or guardians are responsible at all other times. The swimming lesson begins when the instructor accepts charge of the student from the parent or guardian and ends when the student is returned to the designated pick up point at the end of the lesson. If the parent or guardian is not present at the end of the lesson a charge of £10 per ten minute period, or part of, is payable for continued supervision. Where a student is over eleven years old they may attend the lesson without the presence of a parent or guardian but the student remains the full and sole responsibility of the parent at all times before and after the lesson.

8. If the customer is a member of Walthamstow Tritons SC, they must abide by the Rules of WTSC, the ASA and British Swimming, with particular reference to ASA Recommended Codes of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Equity Policy and Wavepower (Safeguarding) Policies.

Privacy Policy

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