Swimming lessons for children should be a fun, exciting, confidence building experience.  At Tritons Swim School we believe that when a new child of any age starts swimming lessons both the child and the parents should know exactly what to expect so that the session is as positive and successful as it can be. 


When a young child (under 5) starts, parents should know that although many children take to lessons like a duck to water some children can be hesitant.  The pool is a big place to a small child and they are being left with an adult they do not know, with a group of children they also are unlikely to know.  A good way to resolve these initial issues may be to visit the pool in advance, observe a lesson with your child and point out the activities that the other children are doing.  All of our teachers who teach the 3-4 year old children have had experience at dealing with small children, some are parents themselves. 


The depth of the shallow end of the pool is 0.9m which means that the majority of young children will not be able to stand.  We believe that this is a positive thing as the children quickly get used to being out of their depth and this does not become an issue when they progress in their lessons and move to a deeper part of the pool.  The down side is that some children can be fearful when out of their depth.  All beginners who cannot stand are kept safe by the use of a woggle around their chest secured with a ring.  The maximum class size for 3-4 year olds is 8 children (for 5 years old and over is it 10 children) and all beginners are taught by teachers in the water as opposed to from the side of the pool.   Teachers will always have an assistant working with them unless the class is only half full and often when the class is less than half full but that will depend on the needs of the other classes in the pool at the same time.


When coming to the pool for your child’s lesson you should always make sure that you arrive in good time with everything they need as being late or arriving without a hat etc. can cause a child to become upset.

No matter how much preparation you can do for your child before they start lessons, some are still hesitant and can get quite distressed.  It goes without saying that how you deal with your child if this situation occurs is of course up to you as the parent or guardian but we find that the vast majority of children who start a class hesitant and upset finish with a smile on their face.  It can be very difficult as a parent to see your child distressed but if you can leave your child with the teacher and sit in the designated place that is often the best course of action as when a child is upset and can see their parent it can cause additional distress whereas without the attention of a parent the child often calms down much more quickly.


If you have any questions or particular concerns please make a time to talk to one of our members of staff or your child’s teacher.  Please let us know also if your child has suffered any injuries or has been ill before a lesson even if they feel better by the time the lesson comes round as this can affect their enjoyment of the class.


The most important thing is that a child looks forward to their lessons, enjoys them and gets a feeling of satisfaction from achieving something they haven’t done before. For some this is easy and for some this take a little longer.  At Tritons Swim School we are committed to helping and working toward this goal with all children.