At Tritons Swim School we break our adult swimming lessons into three groups, beginners, improvers, and advanced.  The different groups follow the same ASA Learn to Swim Pathway as the children but the stages are grouped together.  Please see below for the description of the stages.  

  • Adult Beginners (Stages 1-3) 

Stages 1-3 focus on water confidence, floating skills and by the end of Stage 3 swimmers will be able to swim 10m on their front and back     

  •  Adult Improver (Stages 4-6)
Stages 4-6 focus on the technical aspects of the four strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.  The stages concentrate first on the kick of each stroke, progressing to the arms and by the end of Stage 6 swimmers will be able to swim 25m.     
  • Adult Advanced (Stage 7) 

 By the end of Stage 7, in addition to other skills, swimmers will be able to swim 25m in all four strokes. 


To book in any of the above, please visit:  Adults Lessons


Lessons can be booked through the website via the Lessons tab or over the phone on 020 8501 8172 or in person at poolside office at The Community Pool in Waltham Forest College.