The online booking for our half term intensive classes is now open. 

Classes run for four days of the holiday, from the Tuesday 28th October to Friday 31st October.  

Click here for full timetable

Group lessons: £25

1:1 lessons: £60  - FULL

Trainee Teacher: £25 

In addition to the usual group and one to one classes we are also, for the first time, offering two stroke specific workshops: breaststroke and butterfly.

  • Breaststroke workshop (for children in Stages 4-7) - 9-10am. £35 for 4, one hour, sessions.

Breaststroke is often a difficult skill for children to master, so we have introduced this workshop so that teachers can focus on the breaststroke objectives of the higher stages which will help children to progress.

  • Butterfly workshop (for children in Stages 4-7) - 9-10am. £35 for 4, one hour, sessions.

Butterfly is similarly a challenging stroke for children to get the hang of and we feel that students, for which this is a sticking point in their progression through the Stages, would benefit from butterfly focused sessions.

  • Trainee Teacher classes - 2.30-4pm, Tuesday to Friday - £25 (90 minute sessions)

Trainee teacher classes are taught by students studying for their ASA Level 1 in Teaching Aquatics.  The lessons are supervised by a fully qualified team.  The classes are for children 5 years old and over in Stages 1-7.  

The lessons are 90 minutes each which means in four days, children receive as much lesson time as they would do in 12 weeks of the usual 30 minute lessons and all for only £25!